Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ouch. I dusted off my Winsor pilates dvd yesterday after a particularly calorie heavy Frito pie lunch and felt the burn for an overzealous 40 minutes - first real workout I have done since November I'm afraid. Today I feel like someone punched me in the "powerhouse" for 40 minutes instead of my creation of longer, leaner, sexier abs heh. I'll pick it back up tomorrow...unless of course tomorrow is a repeat performance of today.

As for tonight, I ran to Michaels today for some canvas and more white paint (I'm horrible with the white paint....) and will be nursing my poor midsection with a palette knife in one hand and a nice rum and coke in the other. It's one of those nights - cold out, raining all day (of which I was out in like a drowned rat most of the day doing all of my running around) and it's time to relax over drinks, painting, and some on demand movies.

Sounds fabulous to me :)

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iSew said...

HaHa I haven't worked out since...I can't really say. I need to get off my bum & do the same, thanks for the inspiration. (Found your blog on the Etsy forum)