Thursday, February 17, 2011

My new car!

Woo! Upgraded my sickly 1998 Plymouth Breeze 4 banger to this '07 Ford Fusion SEL 6 cyl from Fogg's Automotive in Glenville, NY. Can't fully express how thrilled I am...I set the goal in January that I was going to purchase a new vehicle and worked my tush off to make it happen. My tush has been rewarded with heated leather seats.

My tush is, needless to say, pleased. As is the rest of me :)


Erwin Calverley said...

I guess your persistence paid off! And the fruit of your labor is that beautiful 07 Ford Fusion. I must say you have a good eye for gorgeous vehicles. The car looks amazing. The black chrome looks polished and shiny. I bet that the engine is pretty good, too. Now, it’s time to revamp this car, and add some car stuff that will match its awesomeness.

-Erwin Calverley

Leisa said...

That is a very pretty car indeed! My tush would be pretty pleased too, haha! Going from a ’98 model to an ’07 model is definitely an upgrade. And I have to say, I’m quite jealous of the heated leather seats! Did you buy this new or used? A lot of my friends have been buying used cars to save money, and I’m looking for more opinions on the matter.

Leisa Dreps

Barry Bates said...

Awesome ride you have there! Definitely worth all the saving and hard work. It will surely be a good idea to get it insured, fate forbid that anything would happen to it though. Just make sure you and your car are protected from possible risks.

- Barry Bates