Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Faces of the City




Sometimes I will get into a series of work before I even have a chance to realize how far it's blossomed I have 50 pieces to show for my endeavors with at least as many more to go. It's funny, people had been urging me to create cityscapes (especially my mom!) and I resisted cause, well, nudes were my "thing". I also felt like perhaps, I couldn't say something that wasn't already said (who hasn't seen the impasto, palette knife painted city scenes too numerous to mention plastered all over Ebay and Etsy for what seems like eons? You haven't? Trust me, they're there, and they're everywhere.) But, as I've gotten into the series, I've noticed I actually do have a unique vision to bring to the entirely saturated genre of impasto cityscapes offered on these here interwebz :P


by Patricia Wood said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Aja said...

Thank you, Patricia!

adina said...

I just received the "Faces of the City" painting that I bought from you and I love it!

I blogged about it here:


Aja said...

Adina - I am so glad you love the painting!!