Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New 4x5 foot painting WIP

Yes, that's my fridge being dwarfed by the painting.


Vicki of RaVena Relics said...

Gives a whole new meaning to "refrigerator art"... and imagine the size of the magnet!

I bet this will be breathtaking, as usual :)

I have been sending my classmates in my Gallery and Art history classes downtown and including Fulton street as a must-see!

Aja said...

Vicki - thanks! Only thing is, I got word today from the curator that the gallery owner decided to take my work down and put another show up...without letting me know. Nice, huh :/

Vicki of RaVena Relics said...

wow, that REALLY sucks... I didn't see your response and went down for the "last Friday", and dragged a few people over there to see your stuff and it WASN'T THERE! I was quite pissed... Ray (hubby) was REALLY looking forward to seeing your art in person, I had shown it to him online so many times before. I bet all my classmates thought I was an idiot, I had been hawking your show and some were going JUST TO SEE IT!

I'm sorry that happened to you... someday, when I have my own gallery, you will get TOP BILLING!

some people just don't know how to treat people :(

Hugs to your colorful, passionate, creative self...