Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Let's not have that happen again, thanks.

So tired this morning...I decided, after putting the little one on the bus, to lay back down a while. I fell back to sleep but apparently I was having inner conflict with the fact I was still asleep and not up working. My dream reflected this... I "woke up" 5 times, in my dream, walked out of my bedroom into a place that was completely rearranged. I remember thinking in my dream "this is strange...this isn't real...all I am doing is trying to wake up..." There were boxes strewn about in my kitchen. Perched upon thin shelves were some of my paintings...I picked one up and thought "this piece was sold a while back...I sent it out, I know I did...what is it doing here?"

I was in this strange place strattling the line between consciousness and sleep... I even went back in the bedroom several times and laid back down, saying to myself, "let's try this again". By the 5th time I became frustrated because I was becoming even more conscious of the fact that I was trying to wake up, but couldn't.

The last time I came out of the bedroom I entered another bedroom, empty but for a single bed against the wall on the right...I stepped passed it as I heard some shuffling coming from a hidden corner. I walked forward and looked to the left to see my mother going through a corner hutch, sifting through linens.

"What the hell is going on?" I asked.

"I thought this would be better" she replied.

I turned around and looked back in my bedroom and cried "This isn't right! I know I am asleep right now, I don't know how long I've been trying to wake up, it's all I wanna do!"

That's the last thing I remember. Upon waking up, I walked through the house to make sure things weren't out of place and I wasn't still dreaming....

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Papermoonies said...

your work is lovely

I am hosting an arty giveaway on my blog to end this weekend.
I follow you now.