Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cupcake Parade!

Handiwork courtesy of my sis and I :) Pretty, no? People actually seemed to have a hard time eating them because they looked so nice. I always wanted to make artful cupcakes!


Jamie's Jewels said...

Yummy! They look soooo beautiful!

Dirt. said...

those are some sexy cupcakes.

Aja said...

Teehee, I've never called a cupcake sexy before. But they really are ;)

And my sis and I had actually never made cupcakes before!

I just wish we each could have eaten one. But they went to a worthy cause :)

Easter's right around the corner...time for more cupcake sexiness?

Leader of Men said...

Ooh, fantastic! Those are some eye-popping delectables. Please mail me some, stat.