Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My humble abode....

I was taking pictures of the place to upload to the flickr group "There's No Place Like Here" and thought I would post a few pics here on the blog so you can see what my home looks like. I've spent so much time on the place - the flooring and cabinets in the kitchen my mom and I rocked out in 2 afternoons last fall and I am in love with the look. There's such a sense of accomplishment to it, doing it yourself. Everytime I walk in the kitchen I say "Wow, I did that!"

My livingroom was more recent. Total update in the furnishings. I did have a 20 year old futon where the beautiful couch now sits...it was time for a change. The other half bought the set (couch and matching loveseat) for me for Christmas. It feels like a home now. I love that I have the house all my friends want to visit :)

To see more check out my flickr - I have more pics there.


Bill Brauker said...

Looks like a very comfortable place. Good for you! I enjoy your work.

Aja said...

Thank you, Bill!