Monday, March 26, 2007

Etsy Haters.

So...a bigger reason for my joining blogger then its prevalence and another source through which to muse away about this, that, and the other, would be my coming into contact with certain individuals who feel the need to smear their verbal vomit all over the likes of perfect strangers for nothing more than a self-righteous, feel good moment at the expense of others.

I sell on and love the place. But as the new constitution nears completion and we exist in a gray area there are those who have taken it upon themselves to create sock puppet accounts to target upstanding sellers whom they deem "offensive" for one reason or another. Now I am all for free speech. You know what they say about opinions, and everyone has a right to theirs. But the obvious vindictive tone some have taken with fellow sellers in the past few weeks is truly deplorable. Calling out and hot links to endless items in a lame attempt at soiling the good names of honest, innocent artists and crafters isn't only morally wrong but in some cases it is illegal.

I don't think some people get it. When you post online you are opening up your little world to a billion other people who all have access to what you have to say. "Opinions" become public - and when you skate the fine line between "public awareness" and defamation you skate the fine line of legality, my friend.

When you transparently attempt to tarnish the reputation of another and thinly veil it as a "service" to the general public you damn well better be ready to face the consequences. Have your opinion. Let others see for themselves if you feel so strongly about it. But be aware of the can of worms you are opening and take the consequences like the informed, mature, justified adult you attempt to portray and stand up for what you believe in. Anything less and you are nothing but a complete coward.

I won't post anything on the internet that I wouldn't put my name to. And neither should you. Shame on anyone hiding behind a screen name and playing cyber warrior. These are real lives you are toying with through your championship of righteousness. It's not a game. If you wanna play a game there are plenty of online realities for you to delve into where you can do a whole lot more than argue feebly with complete strangers because you have too much time and anger on your hands.

Or you can always assume the identity of a 14 year old tart in the cesspool that is yahoo chat. You might be better suited there anyway.