Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New work 2/26

"It Was So Cold" 16x20" oil on canvas. Click image to purchase original!

"Stories From A Field 232" 6x6x1.5" oil on canvas. Click image to purchase original!

Purchased a 30x40" canvas today and am getting ready to hunker down in the studio for the impending snow storm that is supposed to grace us with it's evil presence starting tonight. Yes. I am entirely over winter. I know as a NYer I am supposed to be impervious to long, nasty winters with back to back storms for months on end...perhaps I am a Floridian at heart? Who knows. All I really know is the only way I can really make it through all of these snow storms is a lot of canvas and even more tubes of paint.

As an aside, I am talking with a few companies about offering Android cases with my work printed on them for purchase. We shall see how it all goes.